Border Suspension SP Coil Over Honda CRX 88/91

Border Gewindefahrwerk Honda CRX 88/91

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Border has the most professional suspension team, and has accumulated years of experience in domestic and international competitions to create a shock absorber system suitable for roads and tracks. It can conquer all kinds of road conditions and make driving pleasure!
Border can be used in accordance with the needs of a variety of different owners, shock absorbers are divided into four types of "street/ sport/ racing/ n2", in addition, for each person's needs, match the appropriate damping and spring setting!
Border Oil seal is fully equipped with Japanese NOK. It can withstand high pressure and is not easy to be deformed and damaged, so that it is not easy to leak oil!
Border Spring is made of Japanese SAE9254 steel. It is cold forged and is suitable for all kinds of intense control. The elasticity is not easy to be tired. It is specially designed for shock absorbers!
Border shock absorber is a single-tube structure design, which is sensitive to movement. The wall of the pipe is thicker, high strength, and it is not easy to degenerate.
Border tube is made of high-strength alloy and is extremely safe. It is suitable for all kinds of MacPherson shock absorber systems!
Border Oil uses the special oil for IP shock absorber imported from Italy, which makes the oil not easy to heat exhaust during the intense driving process!
Border shock absorber is 32-section high and low soft and hard adjustable, special design structure,
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Border Suspension Coil Over Honda CRX 88/91
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